Welcome to Fixionweb: Where the Europa League Lives

The Europa League is Europe’s second-tier soccer competition, coming right after the Champions League (CL). It draws almost as much passion from the teams which play in it.

This website gives attention to this beautiful competition which takes centre stage immediately after the CL on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. It has several articles touching various elements of the competition curated under the following sections.

UEFA Europa League

This section gives both a comprehensive and in-depth insight into what the Europa League really is. Get in for an explanation of how it is played, when it is played and the teams which take part in it. Also, there is an article looking at how the teams are grouped for this season’s competition. Another article touches on the financial aspect of the league; what teams fight for and how it compares to the Champions League.

Football News

Find out about the latest football news and their relation to the Europa League. Who are the top players who, for one reason or another, will be playing in the Europa League this season? Are there any players who tried to move clubs but did not manage to do so? Will they now play in the Europa League? Find the answers to all these questions in this section.

Recent Winners

This section takes a look at how the Europa League has been panning out in recent years. It begins by looking at the teams which have been crowned winners in the last five years, then goes ahead to review how these teams have performed against Champions League winners in that period.

Get in for a lovely football ride!