The quarterfinals of the Europa League will begin soon. So what’s to expect?

1. How many goals did Manchester United win?

When Manchester United met Copenhagen in the quarterfinals, the majority of fans believed that the Red Devils would win. The problem here, how many goals will Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s teachers and students hit against the Danish representative’s net?

MU only has the Europa League arena to fight. That’s why the best cards like Bruno Fernandes, Paul Pogba, and Marcus Rashford can be used from the start. With such a strong selection, the Old Trafford team is capable of winning Copenhagen as long as they play properly.

2. Will Wolves be decoded by the king of the Europa League?

Wolves are making a strong impression in the Premier League but they almost lack experience in the European football playground. Therefore, the “Herd of wolves” reaching the quarter-finals of the Europa League is a commendable achievement. But in the eighth round of the strongest team, Nuno Santo’s army stumbled upon a big obstacle from Sevilla.

Sevilla is not only a familiar face in the old continental playground, but they are also known as Europa League king. The Spanish team is the most successful club among the clubs present in the quarterfinals with five crowns. Under Unai Emery, Sevilla won three consecutive Europa League titles.

3. The uncompromising confrontation between Inter and Leverkusen

Inter Milan against Bayer Leverkusen is also a confrontation that attracts attention. Inter played impressively under coach Antonio Conte. In his hand, he owns a series of quality stars such as Lautaro Martinez, Romelu Lukaku, or Christian Eriksen. The Europa League is the only arena Inter still participates in, so they will aim the championship to escape the empty season.

The same goes for Leverkusen at the same time. After being dropped from the top 4 in the Bundesliga, the home team of the Airport Arena needs to take the throne in this European second-class arena to attend the Champions League next season.

Kai Havertz will be an important factor paving the way for the German representative to come to glory. And in the context that he is said to be very close to Chelsea, this title can be a full tribute.