In the latest moves, the European Football Federation decided to postpone two finals indefinitely due to the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic.

At the meeting of the European Football Council (UEFA) last week, the decision was made. UEFA decided to postpone the UEFA EURO 2020 to 2021 was made and reached a high consensus from the parties. The cause of this abnormality comes from the Covid-19 virus is spreading rapidly in the “old continent”.

The Covid-19 epidemic is continuing to make Europe struggle. In this context, the football tournament has been postponed and the return schedule is unclear.

Spain is a hotspot for Covid-19 in Europe. Therefore, the Football Association of this country has no choice but to be forced to postpone the tournaments. This decision was made after the latest meeting of the orginizer and the Spanish Football Federation, which took place on March 23.

Not stopping in La Liga, most recently, the European Football Federation also met and confirmed that the Champions League and Europa League finals will also be postponed indefinitely.

Due to the heavy effects of the Covid-19 epidemic in Europe, UEFA today formally decided to postpone the UEFA Women’s Champions League finals, the UEFA Europa League final and the UEFA Champions League final.

According to the original schedule, all 3 matches took place in May 2020. UEFA has yet to make a decision about rescheduling. Chairman Aleksander Ceferin and representatives of clubs and tournaments have begun to consider the issue of time and will analyze various options. The next announcement will be published later, “said the quote on the UEFA homepage.

Before the tournament is postponed, the Champions League was only half way through the round of 1/8. Accordingly, the four names that have officially won tickets to the quarterfinals are PSG, Atletico Madrid, RB Leipzig and Atalanta. In the Europa League, there are only 6 first leg matches in the round of 16 teams taking place.