With home advantage, LASK entered the game confidently. The representative of Austria took the initiative to control the match and attacked TottenhSam. LASK’s confidence somewhat confused Mourinho’s army, Rooster continuously failed to coordinate and almost had to concede from such a situation.

In the following minutes, LASK was still the dominant team with dangerous blocks. However, it was also necessary to wait until the first half entered the final minutes before the home team could enjoy the feeling of celebration when Michorl had a beautiful long shot that left Joe Hart goalkeeper in the minutes 42.

The home team is the ones who open the score for the match

Tottenham is among the football clubs that win the Europa League for the most times. The thought of entering the break with a leading advantage, however, in the final seconds of the first half, LASK’s players regrettably let the ball touch their hands in the penalty area, thereby giving Tottenham a free penalty. On the 11m point, Gareth Bale did not make any mistakes to return the match to the starting line.

Despite being rated higher, Tottenham did not win a victory against LASK

This is also the last remarkable situation in the first half of the Europa League match. LASK and Tottenham entered the break with the advantage still divided equally for both.

In the second half, LASK continued to show confidence with the turbulence coming up the goal of Joe Hart goalkeeper. However, not only could not have a goal to take the lead, the home team suddenly had to receive a goal. Son Heung-min was the one who scored to put Rooster ahead after a mistake from LASK players.

Son Heung-min contributed to the team with 1 goal

In the following minutes, coach Jose Mourinho made some adjustments to his staff and this made it difficult for the home team. LASK is no longer as proactive as it is most of the game.

As the game progressed toward the last minute, the script of the first round was once again replayed. In the 84th minute, LASK had an equalized goal thanks to Eggestein. However, just 2 minutes later, the home side defender fouled Bergwijn in the penalty area and the referee immediately pointed to the penalty spot. At 11m, Dele Alli gave Tottenham the lead with the score 3-2.

Tottenham dropped the victory in the final seconds

It was thought that Mourinho coach’s army could leave with 3 full points, in the last seconds, Karamoko suddenly spoke with the equalizing goal for LASK.

Karamoko’s goal was also the last remarkable ball of the match. In the end, Tottenham was held by LASK with a 3-3 draw. With 1 point in this match, Rooster has officially won a ticket to the knockout round.