Although only a 1-1 draw against Crystal Palace in the last round of the Premier League, it was still enough for Tottenham to snatch a ticket to the Europa League preliminary round of 2020/21.

Tottenham beat Wolves to the Europa League ticket

Right 13 minutes, Tottenham opened the scoring thanks to striker Harry Kane. However, in the 53rd minute, defender Jeffrey Schlupp scored an equalizer for Crystal Palace.

This result remained until the referee blew the final whistle. And that was still enough for Tottenham to finish in sixth place in the Premier League. This is because, at the same time match, Wolves were defeated 0-2 under Chelsea’s hand.

Thus, Tottenham ended the Premier League 2019/20 with 59 points after 38 rounds. Thereby, they won the tickets to the Europa League preliminary round of 2020/21.

Meanwhile, the remaining capacity will be decided after the FA Cup final between Arsenal and Chelsea. If Arsenal wins, the Gunners will be the last representative of the Premier League to play in the Europa League next season. If Chelsea is crowned, Wolves will be the team won by the Blues who are in the Top 4 for the Champions League.

Right before preparing to host Arsenal in the London derby, Tottenham made the fans feel excited. From a team that has been disoriented since football returns, Spurs have almost transformed with Mourinho.

Mourinho’s football club rather attend the Europa League

Defeating Arsenal 2-1, winning Newcastle 3-1, defeating Leicester 3-0, suddenly Europe opened the door with Rooster. With Harry Kane having scored 4 times in the last 2 matches, Spurs can beat a Crystal Palace in the series of 7 defeats.

A traumatic season will end with a future that promises strong growth and possibly the Europa League ticket. Mourinho, the master of pro-generals, would love that. As he pointed out after the match against Arsenal, this coach won in both the Europa League tickets race, with Porto (2003) and Man United (2017).

Mourinho said that it is better to attend the Europa League than not to play in any tournament. This is because the prize money from this tournament is not too bad. Spurs are in a financial downturn due to the Covid-19 pandemic and they will embrace what is possible.