Tottenham and AC Milan, despite many difficulties before Lokomotiv Plovdiv (Hungary) and Shamrock Rovers (Ireland), but thanks to the timely shine of Harry Kane and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, these two powerful representatives were present in the 3rd preliminary round of Europa League 2020/21.

Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham is of course more appreciated than the Hungarian host Lokomotiv Plovdiv. However, Harry Kane and his teammates had many difficulties with the solid play and discipline of the opponent.

Even in the 71st minute, they were conceded first after the situation of hitting the correct connector of Georgi Minchev. Being touched, Tottenham put all their strength to attack. Meanwhile, Lokomotiv Plovdiv actively kicked in defense – counter-attacking many times, creating turbulent situations. But luckily for Tottenham, Hugo Lloris played excellently in the wooden frame.

By the 78th minute, Tottenham enjoyed 11m after the situation where Dinis Almeida used his hand to play the ball close to the line from Ben Davies’s dangerous header.

Penalty for Tottenham and Dinis was disqualified. Another Lokomotiv Plovdiv player who had to leave the field at the same time as Almeida was Birsent Karagaren because of his unsportsmanlike behavior. On the penalty spot, Harry Kane equalized for Tottenham.

Playing more than two people, Tottenham played more comfortably. By the 85th minute, they got a goal to “finish” the match. This thanks to the player who was heavily criticized by Mourinho, Tanguy Ndombele. Upstream to win 2-1, Tottenham reached the third qualifying round of the Europa League 2020/21.

AC Milan had a little difficulty facing Shamrock Rovers

In another match, AC Milan also had a little difficulty facing Shamrock Rovers (Ireland). But unlike Tottenham, Milan’s opponents are much more comfortable. The visitors quickly created an overwhelming stance, but it was only until the 23rd minute that general Zlatan Ibrahimovic brought back the opening goal after a dangerous shot into the near corner.

The next time, Milan continued to create dangerous shots towards the home team’s goal. However, they could not increase the gap when wasting opportunities. Until the 65th minute, Çalhanoğlu set a 2-0 victory for Milan after a very sweet break at the 16m50 line.

In addition to Milan and Tottenham, other notable clubs such as Galatasaray, Rangers, Granada, Wolfsburg all have tickets to go in different ways.