Even when there were no fans present at the RheinEnergie Stadium in Cologne last weekend, tears or happiness flowed out as naturally as they should.

It was a night of the harshest of emotions that, after any big final, it was said that Julien Lopetegui, one of the 40 who was present, filled the void of the field of 40 thousand people with their happy tears.

Back in Cologne

Two years after losing two of the biggest manager positions ever known in world football, he changed. The 54-year-old was first fired from the position of head coach of Spain ahead of the 2018 World Cup for a daring night with Florentino Perez, and just six months later, the same powerful president of the Royal team kicked him out of the Bernabeu with a cold face and a more stony decision than Rubiales.

For a while, Lopetegui was like being fluffed in the land of bullfighting. People dragged him out to make fun of him and threw at him countless cynical words. Especially, when it caused Spain to suffer a heavy psychological impact in Russia.

Even when he was chosen as Sevilla’s head coach, there was no glimmer of hope in him. There was only Monchi, who once again behind the Andalusian’s success realized he could do it. Monchi thought he could become something special. He gave him the opportunity to return as manager again.

Lopetegui burst into tears when the final whistle rang

And without a doubt, Lopetegui is the one who can do everything the best. He had a whole new team after Monchi’s great HR revolution, not having to manage a complicated dressing room like, at the Bernabeu, the 54-year-old coach focuses entirely on conveying football ideas. to the players, new members and give them the best advice on the pitch.

The redemption of football

The victory over Manchester United in the semi-finals after being lost was the beginning of the success. It was also the start of Lopetegui’s journey to find his own voice.

He was finally received respect from all. This was stripped of two years ago by Rubiales, President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and Florentino Perez. A few days later was the sixth Europa League title in history, beating Conte’s mighty Inter Milan.