Midfielder Mesut Ozil is not included in Arsenal’s Europa League group stage list. The representative has revealed the reaction of the German player.

Ozil was not surprised when he was eliminated

Since football returned after the Covid-19 pandemic in June, midfielder Mesut Ozil has not played once. Coach Mikel Arteta, although claiming the number 10 is still in the plan, but did not give the opportunity to play for the player born in 1988.

Not being able to attend the Europa League, midfielder Mesut Ozil said nothing

There have been rumors that Ozil will leave Arsenal at the Summer Market of 2020, but he is still present at the Emirates Stadium. Most recently, Ozil is not on the list of Arsenal’s Europa League group stage.

Many fans are surprised by Arteta’s decision, because Ozil is still training regularly with his teammates this week. Moreover, the German player is still appreciated for the experience factor. He is also one of the Gunners’ best attacking midfielders.

Ozil was not on the list of 25 Arsenal players to attend the Europa League group stage this season

Arsenal’s highest-paid player is one of the two first-team names that have been eliminated by Coach Arteta from the Europa League squad this season. It is known that in the list of registered 25 players for the tournament, a team is only allowed 17 players without training locally.

With 19 first-team players to choose from, Arteta had to decide on two. Ozil and Sokratis are the two names that were left out in this group stage.

In fact, Mesut Ozil has not played a match since football returned in June. So it is not too surprising that he was eliminated from the Arsenal squad. The elimination of the club’s top-paying player. However, it remains remarkable when coach Arteta decided to give the opportunity to other players.

The decision comes shortly after Ozil publicly confirmed he will spend all of the salary of Jerry Quy. This is a beautiful gesture of Ozil, even though his salary is £ 350,000 per week and his contribution to Arsenal is inadequate.

The last time Ozil played for Arsenal was against West Ham. It was Arsenal’s last game before football halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This season, Ozil was not even on the Arsenal registration list, even in a less important match in the League Cup.