MU is facing the risk of not being able to prepare for next season if the club wins ticket to the Europa League final next season.

Not only Man United, their “noisy neighbor” City also faces the same situation. Accordingly, both the Manchester giants will have no time to prepare for the new season.

MU and Man City have disadvantages with the schedule in Europe

With Manchester City, this team can only have a mere 14 days of rest and prepare for the new season if it reaches the final match of Europe’s most prestigious arena, the Champions League. This year’s Premier League season will start again on June 17 while September 12 will be the time to kick off the Premier League next year.

Man City is currently the most likely representative of English football to go deep in the Champions League this season. Another team of foggy country, Chelsea will probably stop in the round of 16 by losing 0-3 to Bayern Munich in the first leg.

In contrast, Pep Guardiola teachers and students with a 2-1 victory over Real Madrid at the Bernabeu will be open to win tickets when they play the second leg at the Etihad home ground.

Meanwhile, Man United faces a similar problem if they win tickets to the Europa League final. “Reds” are the brightest candidates for this tournament and the goal of winning the Champions League tickets next season will make them more determined to conquer the Europa League title.

This will become a “double-edged sword” for MU because if the Old Trafford team have to play the Europa League final, the time to prepare for their new season may be only about 3 weeks. The fact that this team lost strength when traveling and the time the summer rookies merged with the team also made coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer feel extremely headache.


Obviously, this will be a huge disadvantage with 2 Manchester City representatives. Of course, the Champions League or the Europa League has not announced specific schedule of the final. But according to calculations by many experts, it is difficult for Man United and Man City to have more time to rest before entering the new season.