After Arsenal’s 1-2 defeat to Olympiacos in the Europa League, the day Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang left London is probably not far away.

It was a messy situation, and the ball found Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at a distance of just 5 meters in front of the Olympiacos goal. The clock was at the last minute, and if the Gabon striker rocked the net of the opponent, Arsenal would certainly continue in the Europa League.

However that did not happen. Emirates Stadium was dumbfounded and stunned with the unbelievable miss of the best striker of the team in recent seasons. “Gunners” were eliminated bitterly at home. As for Aubameyang, this striker probably started counting the days he left Arsenal.

Everyone, from the fans to Aubameyang himself, was shocked by the incredible miss in the 120 + 3 minute of the match.

In fact, Aubameyang is not bad at all. With the captain’s armband in hand, the 30-year-old striker has completed the task of leading the home team. He even equalized with the beautiful lamp-reclining phase, sowing hope to continue for “Gunners”.

However, when the final whistle sounded, that goal was obscured by the shadow of the late-miss situation. Aubameyang was shocked, Arsenal fans were stunned. From frustration, they turn to anger. And of course, the Gabon striker became “scapegoat” for the wrath of the “Gooners” as a corollary.

Three seasons, 96 matches, 61 goals, Aubameyang is a rare rise in the deep music called Arsenal last seasons. That’s great, but at Emirates, with such a fastidious fan community as at Arsenal, Aubameyang’s talent never seemed to be recognized.

Aubameyang is excellent, Aubameyang scores many goals, Aubameyang appears when the home team is stuck, which is what Arsenal fans, including the most difficult ones, cannot deny. But why hasn’t he been recognized at the Emirates Stadium?

It is because of extravagance.

Aubameyang can score unbelievable goals, but also surprises the fans with unbelievable misses.

In the second round of the Premier League 2018/19, Aubameyang cushioned the ball to the sky at a distance of only 5 meters against Chelsea. That day, Arsenal lost 2-3 overall.