Value of the Europa League in Comparison to the Champions’ League

Undoubtedly the Champions League is the largest club tournament around the world. Every football club in Europe has the desire to play in the Champions League and maybe win the trophy. Some of these teams have the desire to feel the glory of the Champions League while others are there for the big prize money that is given to all participants taking part in the competition from the group stage to the finals.


The Europa League is more of a little child in terms of prize money awarded when compared to that of the Champions League. It is expected that the prize money given in both competitions is not equal though one may not predict that it should be as distant as it is. The amount of money given in the Europa League is just but a minor fraction of the prize money that is given to the participants in the Champions League.

The maximum amount of money that a Champions League winner can get is 57.2 million Euros. The Europa League winner can only get a maximum prize money award of 15.71 million Euros. These awards are issued according to the performance of a team from the group stage until it wins the tournament or until it is knocked out.

Winning a group stage game in the Champions League enables a team to gain a cool 1.5 million Euros. Getting a draw in a match will earn you a total of 500 million Euros. Taking part in the group stage alone gives teams direct 12.7million Euros.

The Europa League awards are a bit lower compared to those of the Champions League. A win in the group stage enables a team to earn 360,000 Euros. A draw in a game gives the team a total of 120,000 Euros. All clubs participating in the competition also get a total of 2.6 million Euros.